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Not all crimes are subject to jail time: in some instances, the individual who is convicted of a crime is given probation instead. Probation is a conviction sentence where the convict forgoes imprisonment; instead, they are released but remain under the supervision of the court. Probation is often given to criminal suspects who have no criminal record or who have demonstrated good behavior, and therefore can be safely allowed to return to society provided they report to a special officer approved by the court. Because of the considerable benefits that a sentence of probation versus imprisonment entails, it is important to have legal representation to help work for this type of sentence. 

However, there are times where the terms of an individual’s probation are violated, and when this happens, it can result in the individual facing serious consequences. Punishments for violation of probation depend on the severity of the violation and on the court overseeing the terms of probation.  Some of the most common consequences of probation violation include: 

  1. Military service
  2. Community service
  3. Rehabilitation programs
  4. Large fines and penalties
  5. Imprisonment

It is important to follow the rules, conditions and terms of a probation agreement in order to avoid these types of penalties. Some of the most important things that a convict on probation should avoid include:

  1. Possession, use and solicitation of illegal drugs
  2. Being arrested for a different crime
  3. Leaving the state or visiting other people without the consent of the probation officer
  4. Not showing up on scheduled court appearances
  5. Not reporting to the approved probation officer on the scheduled date or time           

There are other offenses that can affect your probation, as well. Experienced criminal attorneys can help those who are on probation to stay within the guidelines of their probation sentence and avoid more serious consequences.

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