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Neglect in Nursing Homes

Dealing with the effects of abuse and neglect that elders experience when they are in a nursing home can be very stressful and emotionally draining. This abuse and neglect not only affects the resident elder, but also the family and loved ones of the victim. A nursing home neglect suit can depend on either statute or common law, based on the underlying details given. These details can then be used by the nursing home neglect lawyer to determine the strength of the case and consider how much compensation is necessary to pay for all the damages sustained by the victim.

There are many types of suits that a family member or loved one can file against nursing homes and their staff. False imprisonment, actions claiming physical, verbal, or sexual abuse, financial exploitation, and even consumer fraud that give rise to financial abuse can all be basis for abuse; as for neglect suits, it should be proven that the nursing home has failed to provide the resident elder the proper care or have not complied with the specified standard care of the industry, and that failure has caused injury to the resident elder.

In some states, age matters. In order to qualify for elder abuse the victim should be of a certain age or older, and the age can range from 60 years old to 65 years old. Nursing homes should conform to the state and federal regulations, and if not they do not comply they can be considered grounds for a nursing home neglect or abuse suit. With the complexity of nursing home abuse and neglect suits, and the varying rules of different states, it would be better to hire the help of a trusted nursing home neglect lawyer. Not only can they explain the process fully, their experience with nursing home abuse and neglect suits can greatly contribute to the success of the case.

Finding the Nursing Home For You

It is important for families to do research prior to admitting a loved one into a nursing home.  Reading reviews and calling around to different homes is a good way to start the research process. Families may also want to consider looking on the Medicare and Medicaid websites for certified nursing homes. 

Reglan (Metoclopramide) and its Severe Complications

Doctors and clinicians readily prescribe the drug Reglan whenever ordinary medicines fail to treat nausea and gastrointestinal failures like gastroparesis and heartburn (indigestion or tummy ache). Reglan, the drug’s brand name (its generic counterpart is called metoclopramide), increases intestine and abdominal tightening or movement. It can be injected into the patient to help detect stomach and/or intestinal problems and to stop vomiting, a probable result after taking anticancer medicines.

On February 26, 2009, Reglan was directed by the FDA to display a warning on its labels on the risks connected to taking the drug for a prolonged period or at high doses. The warning may be summarized as:

  •  a connection between the continuous consumption of Reglan or metoclopramide and Tardive Dyskinesia has been traced.
  •  at the slight sign of Tardive Dyskinesia, treatment should be stopped; and,
  •  Reglan should never be taken for more than 3 months or 12 weeks and in large doses, excepting extremely rare cases where the risks are outweighed by the benefits.

Tardive Dyskinesia, which usually affects diabetics and the elderly, more so elderly women, is a disabling neurological condition that involves repetitive and uncontrolled muscle movements. Specifically these are quick movements of the trunk, legs, arms and fingers, rapid blinking or eye movements, pursing, puckering and smacking of lips, tongue protrusion and grimacing. Reglan has many other serious complications, fatal ones even, such as Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (NMS). The symptoms common to NMS include muscular rigidity, stupor, unstable blood pressure, sweating and high fever; these symptoms are usually apparent during the first two weeks of using the drug.

Reglan is also prescribed to other patients to treat nausea due to pregnancy or migraine heachache, morning sickness and lactation stimulation. It is also necessary that you inform your doctor of any condition or illness you might have and of your other drug or herbal intake before taking Reglan.

Patients affected by these complications suffer physically, mentally and emotionally. Their social life is likewise highly affected. This gives patients more reason to bring those responsible to justice by filing a Reglan lawsuit. Suffering from Tardive Dyskinesia or NMS is no light matter; act to seek justice today.

Paragould’s Martial Law Scare

City officials seem to have backed off a proposed plan to institute what essentially would have been marshal law in Paragould, Arkansas.

marshal lawThe plan’s inception was a response to the town’s increasing rate of violent crime. Mayor Gaskill and Police Chief Stovall announced the plan at a town hall meeting in mid December. The idea was to have patrols of officers wearing SWAT gear strapped with AR-15s roaming through the town.

These officers would essentially be roving checkpoints with the authority to stop any citizen, ask what he or she is doing outdoors, and demand identification. Citizens who refused to produce identification could have been arrested for obstructing government business. The men behind the proposed police state didn’t consult with an attorney to determine whether or not their plan was legal, though it should have been plainly obvious to them that support for this measure would be virtually nonexistent.

Surprisingly enough, Americans don’t like it when their rights are trampled upon, and the story went viral. The online backlash against the plan was widespread, causing it to apparently fizzle out.

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