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Mediated Divorce in Raleigh

Having a mediated divorce lawyer may be a new concept to many people; not everyone is comfortable of having another person negotiate for them. However, this is not the real reason why there is a mediator for the divorce. As it turns out there are a lot of advantages to having a mediated divorce than going to court. Here are some myths about mediated divorce and the truth behind it.

  1. Mediation is for the weak – in a mediated divorce, both spouses have the right to speak and stand up for themselves. Even with a lawyer present, both spouses can voice out their terms and conditions. This often leads to self confidence after the divorce as well as agreements they can keep up. There is no dominant party in mediation, and the mediator does not allow any dominating behavior.
  2. Lawyers are not needed in mediation – Although they are not required, it would be more helpful and beneficial to have a divorce lawyer in the proceedings. Not only can they guide the spouses through the process, they can also provide information, insights, and important ideas beneficial for their clients. A lot of effort is necessary for information gathering as well as decision making, and having the right divorce lawyers can lighten up the load. However, it is always safe to find a lawyer who is pro-mediation (as it is still a new approach to divorce), and even experienced lawyers has little to no background to divorce mediation.
  3. Mediation is always better than going to court – Mediation works for a lot of divorce couples, but it is not always applicable for all divorce cases. Because the mediator does not have the authority to assert his or her opinion on the spouses, they stay neutral in the negotiations between spouses. Instances where domestic violence is present, or when spouses prefer to drive a legal point, then the compromise that a mediated divorce can offer may not be for them.

Divorce is a bitter experience, and going to court can make it even more painful – they can take longer to be settled and could cost more money. Choosing the best mediated divorce lawyer in Raleigh could be the best option for most as it is a cheaper, quicker and less stressful way to end the relationship.

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