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Transportation Company Opens New Recruiting Office in Paragould

Paragould, AR April 18th, 2015. Carter Express, a high-quality transportation carrier, is pleased to announce the opening of a new recruiting office at its Paragould location.  Aiming to double its fleet in Paragould from 63 to 125 trucks, Carter is looking to hire both experienced truck drivers and recent graduates.

From 12:00 to 3:00pm on Saturday, April 18th, Carter Express will have an Open House event for their new recruiting office.  All business and community members are invited to attend as well any interested applicants.

Truck Driving is an increasingly attractive career choice.  The current driver shortage has driven the pay up and offers good job security. Many successful, career-minded professionals are making a switch to the truck-driving career because of the independence, autonomy, and long-term benefits available.

Carter Express is recruiting solo drivers and teams for regional and weekly home time positions.  Carter offers drivers competitive pay per mile as well as bonuses for safety, efficiency, longevity, and overall performance.  Interested applicants can visit the website at or contact the recruiting department by emailing [email protected].

Through its continued growth and high standards, Carter Express continues to strengthen the local and national economy through thousands of jobs and transportation services that keep US businesses moving forward.  Carter Express is the partner carrier for Carter Logistics, an expert 3PL company providing transportation logistics and supply chain management solutions to clients throughout the US and globally.

Carter Express is a global company with a strong presence along the NAFTA highway and a great reputation among drivers.  Carter boasts one of the lowest accident ratios in the nation and safety awards from 2008 to 2013.

Fayetteville Construction Accident Kills Worker

excavator construction accidentA 20-year-old construction worker lost his life in a construction accident in Fayetteville this past Sunday. 

The young man was part of a crew that was digging a hole using an excavator on West Rochier Street. The machine hit a sewer line that began spewing debris into the hole. The ill-fated man jumped in to clear some of the debris when the hole caved in.

His colleague called for help and tried to keep the man’s face clear to enable him to breath. Police were on the scene within two minutes and emergency crews arrived later, but the man did not survive the ordeal. It took more than an hour and half to excavate his body from the hole.

Those in charge of construction operations need to be incredibly responsible with their projects in order to prevent these kinds of tragic deaths. For instance, in terms of this accident, one may wonder why were they instructed to dig a hole in a place where they could mistakenly puncture a sewer line or whether they were properly trained in how to operate the excavator. The responsibility to ensure the safety of a construction worker’s tasks falls on the site’s management staff, and there may be a chance it failed to uphold this requirement.

Arkansas Senator Sponsors AMMO Act

The supply of ammunition available at local gun shops has been declining to the point that there is now a shortage of ammo. Before this shortage, it was not uncommon to be able to walk into a gun shop and find exactly the kind of rounds you wanted. Now, many kinds of rounds are simply out of stock and stores are having difficulty replenishing their supplies.

In response, Arkansas Senator John Boozman has co-sponsored a bill that would regulate the amount of ammunition stockpiled by the federal government. Many believe that the government is stockpiling too much ammunition and that its actions are hurting the public’s access to bullets.

Ammo Act BulletsThe proposed bill,  the Ammunition Management for More Obtainability Act of 2013 (AMMO), will limit the amount of ammunition certain government agencies can store and purchase. AMMO will require the Government Accountability Office to audit the amount of ammunition purchased by the agencies it regulates.

These regulations aim to allow more ammunition to make it into gun shops and ultimately into the hands of citizens.

Paragould’s Martial Law Scare

City officials seem to have backed off a proposed plan to institute what essentially would have been marshal law in Paragould, Arkansas.

marshal lawThe plan’s inception was a response to the town’s increasing rate of violent crime. Mayor Gaskill and Police Chief Stovall announced the plan at a town hall meeting in mid December. The idea was to have patrols of officers wearing SWAT gear strapped with AR-15s roaming through the town.

These officers would essentially be roving checkpoints with the authority to stop any citizen, ask what he or she is doing outdoors, and demand identification. Citizens who refused to produce identification could have been arrested for obstructing government business. The men behind the proposed police state didn’t consult with an attorney to determine whether or not their plan was legal, though it should have been plainly obvious to them that support for this measure would be virtually nonexistent.

Surprisingly enough, Americans don’t like it when their rights are trampled upon, and the story went viral. The online backlash against the plan was widespread, causing it to apparently fizzle out.